Standings for FootballManager

A clean, freely configurable module for displaying your league tables

The Standings Module displays the current standings based on the games played*. The table can automatically form the standings based on different tie-breaking rules. You can choose the rules valid for your league from a set of predefined rules and combine them freely.

Alternatively, you can also adjust the table yourself, game results and points are still taken from the component, but the order of the teams in the table ranking can be freely defined in the module settings. This option allows you to publish a table even if the tie-breaking rules defined by us do not fit to the specifications of your league.

*This module accesses "finished" games by defining in the parameters after x hours after kickoff a game should be scored automatically. In the best case the scoring for the game was already stored at this time. Alternatively you can use the Game ended marker to define when a game ends.In the module settings you can then choose that only these games are included in the automatic table calculation.

FootballManager Standings (by Tie Breaking Rules)

# Team Games W-T-L PF PA NET Pct Draw
1 Beach City Seagulls 5 3 - 1 - 1 77 56 21 0.600 1
2 Citytown Pirates 7 2 - 2 - 3 81 95 -14 0.286 2
3 Tihuana Tigers 4 1 - 2 - 1 18 22 -4 0.250 2
4 Downtown Sharks 5 1 - 2 - 2 67 66 1 0.200 2
5 Meltown Ravens 3 1 - 1 - 1 47 51 -4 0.333 1

FootballManager Standings (by manual Sort)

# PA/PF Pct
1 Meltown Ravens 3 47:51 0.333
2 Citytown Pirates 7 81:95 0.286
3 Downtown Sharks 5 67:66 0.200
4 Beach City Seagulls 5 77:56 0.600
5 Tihuana Tigers 4 18:22 0.250

Frontend Customizations

This module is highly configurable. We have made the effort to give you the option to customize the entire table to your liking. Basically, you can "click" together the complete layout of the table in the Backend module. Here is a short overview:

Main Customization Features

  • Select which columns should be displayed

  • Define the column order

  • Define the column headers (titles)

  • Add Custom CSS classes for table container <table>

  • Add Custom HTML attributes for table container <table>

  • Add Custom CSS classes for all table header elements

  • Add Custom CSS classes for all table cell elements

  • Add Custom CSS classes for a certain table cell element type (like Team Name)

  • Add Custom CSS classes for Team Logos

Available columns

  • Place

  • Team (Name)

  • Points against

  • Points for

  • PF/PA combined

  • Games (count)

  • Win-Tie-Lose (combined)

  • Win

  • Lose

  • Tie

  • Net Pts

  • Pct

  • Eval. Points

This module can access and load the UIkit 3 version included in the component. With UIKit it is possible to present your visitors beautiful tables only by assigning a few CSS classes. In the basic settings, these are not set in the module settings. To achieve the style shown above (FootballManager Standings (by Tie Breaking Rules)), the following CSS classes can be set in the module settings:

  • Table classes

    uk-table uk-table-divider uk-table-hover

  • Name Column


Learn more about the possible CSS classes for tables that can be used in this module:

Learn more about the possible CSS classes for texts that can be used in this module:

FootballManager Standings Module

This is

Standings Module for FootballManager

Backend Demo

A backend demo is available at this link. Use the username "modules" and the password "demo" to log in. The demo area is protected, you can view / modify the settings of the modules but not save them.